Sep 15, 2013

Last weekend my husband and 14-year-old son were removing brush at our land, when they saw a retired man with a broken-down 80’s truck on the road. He was pulling a trailer with an antique car on it, and his wife had their shared cell phone at home that day. Our land is pretty remote and the man didn’t know what to do, since he was 65 miles from home.

My husband and son walked over to him and asked what happened. He thought that maybe the fuel pump was out, so Wayne offered to drive to town and buy one and help him install it. After installing it, the new fuel pump didn’t work, so Wayne let him use our cell phone to call AAA. Although the truck tow was covered by AAA, his trailer would cost $350 to tow to his home, far more than the man was prepared to afford.

So my husband and son loaded up this man’s trailer and antique car onto our own hitch, waved goodbye to the man who waited for his tow, and headed for his home across the state line. One the way it occurred to Wayne that the man was trusting him with valuable cargo, and that it might be one of the few items of value he had. He finally drove into the man’s yard about four hours after first finding him on the road. I think of how many ways my husband passed the torch to our son that afternoon.

A couple days ago my husband received this thank you note from the man, along with a check for $200. It’s nice to know there is still so much good in the world.


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