Feb 15, 2013

dogs on a walk

Probably the most unique part of our trip to Costa Rica, were the unconventional daily canine visitors that came to our porch. Our neighbor was an American from Louisiana and he made his mission to be a refuge of sorts for stray dogs who lived on Playa Pochote. He was caring for a total of 10 dogs when we visited, provided veterinary services, spayed/neutered, fed and loved these dogs daily. Larry even brought the whole bunch inside at night when campers were shooting fireworks during the holidays. As neighbors, we got to join in on the loving part, as they hung out with us on our porch every day, and went along with us on our morning beach walks.

One of the dogs, Feo (Spanish for “Ugly”) holds a special place in our hearts. A stray for most of his life, and named by the people in town, Feo was taken in by Larry and provided a safe and loving place to call home. He’s in his twilight years now, and has experienced a life full of hardship. But despite his past maltreatment by humans, Larry said, “He never gave up on us.” Feo has poor eyesight and chronic infection in his mouth, but is the sweetest and happiest dog in the yard. What a gift to have a person like Larry to love animals like Feo.

The dogs also provided some security at night, as a few slept outside our doors and barked when they heard someone walking nearby. Over the course of two weeks, we really got to know these dogs and they made our stay very memorable.

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