Feb 02, 2013


Our home for two weeks was a two-story bungalow directly on the beach. Our bay had formarly been home to whales when they nursed new babies, but the whales had left long ago because of overfishing. Still, the bay provided calm water to play in, safe from the Pacific waves beyond.

The beach sand is mixed with centuries-old volcanic minerals, so it’s more of a gray color, but a nice texture that’s easy to walk on. The shallow entry to the water makes the difference between high tide and low tide many yards of sand, so that at some times during the day you can spot a large group of people playing soccer, on sand that will later be submerged in surf.

We passed by the residents in the tiny town of Pochote each time we went to or from our bungalow. Only about four homes sit on the beach, and the rest of the town rests behind the mangroves.

The hammocks on our porch provided just the rest spot to spend the majority of our time during our two week getaway.

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