Oct 18, 2012

misty fiords plane

Our final Alaskan stop on our week-long cruise, was Ketchikan, the rainiest place in America. There’s a huge water gauge as we get off the ship, indicating the many inches of rain the city receives every year. But during the few hours we visited, it was bright sun and warm. The local residents were even talking about how they’d gotten sunburned in the couple of days prior to our visit.

We decided last-minute to take a float-plane to the Misty Fiords, and took the chance the tour company would live up to their promise that we would absolutely make it back to the ship by the departure time. The little six-person plane was very loud, so we wore headsets the whole time, and our seasoned pilot explained the terrain as we flew for a total of about 1 1/2 hours. We landed on the water in one of the fiords and watched seals and the simple beauty. Then we returned to the tour departure point and got back to the cruise. Expensive excursion – about $800 for the four of us, but an amazing experience.

Cabins and restaurant
Juneau – Mendenhall Glacier
Glacier Bay


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