Sep 30, 2012

ship sitka
The little town of Sitka, Alaska, was where the papers were signed when the United States purchased Alaska. The little Russian-influenced town has a harbor and plenty of shops, for the fishing and tourism that keep its inhabitants employed. Without a pier, we needed to tender to the dock, an interesting experience in the orange lifeboats that hang on the side of the cruise ship.

We were only here for a few hours, but did enjoy using the city-wide free wifi, taking in the excellent museum in town, and visiting various trinket shops and fine fur stores. We decided “no” to the $14,000 chinchilla coat:)

We also learned, from a resident, that many of the schools in Alaska are residential, and the students travel to them sometimes only once per year, staying for the entire school year, rather than even returning at Christmas. The locations are so remote the families cannot come and get them even for weekends. I think the educational system in Alaska is a lot different from what we are accustomed to in Wisconsin.

Cabins and restaurant
Juneau – Mendenhall Glacier
Glacier Bay


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