Sep 19, 2012

Probably the most fascinating stop of the cruise was the day we spent in Glacier Bay. It was cold enough to wear a hat and jacket, and there wasn’t a place to disembark, but the sheer beauty of this place made it our favorite day. Just north of Juneau, we traveled up the fiords and saw several glaciers.

The most impressive was Marjorie Glacier, which is a mile wide and loses 6-8 feet into the water every day. Although it’s hard to see in this photo, they told us this chunk of ice crashing into the water was approximately the size of a six-story building. You know the ice is entering the water, because of the waves it creates in the water below.

calving balcony
The ship stayed next to the glacier for approximately an hour and a half, and the staff served us split pea soup and hot cocoa on the lido deck. For 45 minutes we watched from the lido deck, and then the ship turned around so we were able to watch for another 45 minutes from the privacy of our balcony. We watched continuous calvings, while eating cheese and crackers delivered to our room. It was amazing!

The water in the fiords became a breathtaking blue as we approached the glaciers. The glaciers were a striking blue color as well. We also saw some wildlife, including an otter resting on a chunk of floating ice, and a bear near a stream a ways off.

Cabins and restaurant
Juneau – Mendenhall Glacier
Glacier Bay


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