Sep 03, 2012

Here is a unique opportunity for a free download on September 5-6 from Amazon KDP. “Thomas and the Lily Pond”, by Jan Whiteoak, tells a story about bullying in a format appropriate for children ages 4-6.

I haven’t read the book, but the author says it’s based on a group of animals living happily in a forest until their world is turned upside down by a large interloping frog named Bruno.

He proceeds to alienate the nicest of them all, Thomas the Turtle, and
manipulates the rest through peer pressure. This involves a food heist at night carried out by the other animals under his direction. Chaos ensues when a wild storm erupts and they’re all blown into the wild river and the lily pond. The only one to save them is Thomas the Turtle!

So for the free download, act fast! It’s only available September 5-6. After that, you can purchase the book for $2.99. Enjoy!


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