Jul 02, 2012

fb diving arch

During spring break this year, we visited beautiful Cabo San Lucas, home of the famous arch. We had just earned our diving certification a few months earlier, so wanted to dive while we were in Cabo, but were concerned about going too far in a boat because my husband had gotten sick on the previous dive trip.

fb scuba swimming 4

Our guide said it was no problem to dive just 5 minutes from the harbor, so that’s what we did – it was right near the arch and Lover’s Beach, so we got a great tour of this popular spot, although the busy boat traffic made us nervous.

Our guide from Sunshine Diving took pictures for us which was really nice. The visibility was okay, but in such a heavily trafficked area it was just so-so diving. I think on our next dive we’ll just use more Dramamine and get farther away from the tourist spots.


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