Mar 30, 2012

ptt zipline
For spring break this year, my family visited Cabo San Lucas. Our first excursion was to the rugged and hilly desert to go ziplining.

We had planned for the trip ahead of time, by purchasing vouchers through Los Cabos Guide, which saved us 35% of the $380 bill (four of us ziplined.) And we arranged the date our Wild Canyon shuttle van would pick us up at our resort.

It was incredible! We did the 9:00 tour, so it probably wasn’t as hot as it got in the afternoon. The crew helped us get our harnesses and helmets on, and gave a brief training. Then we took the first of eight ziplines, sometimes traveling solo, and sometimes as doubles or even all four of us at once!

There was quite a bit of hiking in between the ziplines, but the crew took good care of us, supplied bottled water and gave us tips as we’d connect to the next zipline. The wind picked up later in the tour, and it became more difficult to keep straight in the zipline, which is important in order to keep the speed necessary to make it all the way to the next landing. But we all made it, every time – only landing a couple feet short once or twice.

They don’t allow photography once you’re in the canyon, so you rely on the crew photographer to take great shots. At $38 per people, the photo disc is expensive, but the photos are great!

Ziplining is great, we loved Wild Canyon, and Los Cabos Guide vouchers are a no-brainer. We would have purchased vouchers for other restaurants and excursions if we planned to use them.


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