Mar 11, 2012

As a family, we’ve visited a few warm-weather destinations and I thought it would be fun to make a list based on our experiences. I know more are on our “bucket list”, but as of today, these are our top-ten picks for warm-weather destinations:

10. Orlando, Florida – because every child should visit Disney World once, and because they keep adding cool parks (I haven’t been to the Harry Potter Universe yet, but could see myself make a day trip from a beach sometime.) Now that we’ve been there, done that, I’d probably sooner poke my eyes out with a lollipop.

9. Tybee Island, Georgia – fun little island with a laid back feel. We stayed along the Savannah River and watched the ships come in and out each day. Too far north for a warm enough Christmas visit, but perfect for spring break.

8. Cocoa Beach, Florida - close to the Kennedy Space Center and close enough to Orlando to fit beach and parks in the same week. Nice beaches.

7. Marco Island, Florida – almost as far south as possible, without getting into the Keys, Marco Island is only a one-hour drive from Fort Myers, and we have affordable flights to there from Minneapolis. Charter Club is our favorite condo there – right on the beach.

6. Sanibel Island, Florida - not as far south as Marco Island, but a more low-key feeling, and still close to the Fort Myer’s airport. Biking is a must on the island – there are bike trails all over. The buildings are all small because of an island ordinance – no high-rise buildings like you see other places.

5. Bahamas – we were only there for one day, but we see a longer visit in our future! The beach was made of broken shells, rather than the tiny pebbles of sand we were used to seeing.

4. St. Johns, US Virgin Islands – Another place we vow to visit again. We spent a day at Trunk Bay and thought a lifetime wouldn’t be enough. Crystal blue water, sugar sand, and the coolest people ever.

3. Cozumel, Mexico - when we went last, we didn’t have kids yet, but we plan to go as a family and take advantage of the excellent snorkeling and shore dives all around the island. Beautiful weather and small-town feel.

2. Big Island, Hawaii - it’s a long flight, but what an adventure while you’re there. Rent a jeep, and find the beaches that few know about. We explored every inch of the Big Island, and will surely return someday.

1. Bonaire, Netherland Antilles – this little island off the coast of Venezuela is less developed than many Caribbean islands, and maybe that’s what’s appealing. We snorkeled every day right from shore. Bonaire is the reason we finally got our diving certification.

Where is your favorite warm-weather destination?


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