Feb 25, 2012

I was looking through old posts from a few years ago, and found this photo illustrating one of the ways we made our beach vacations so fun when the kids were young. Enjoy!

First Published 2007

Every year, we make a winter visit to some Florida beach. And every year we make sure the kids have bikes to ride while we’re there.

Do we pack them in our suitcase?


Do we ship them UPS from Wisconsin?


Do we rent them?

Sometimes, but that’s really expensive.

Usually, we buy them. It may seem like a splurge, especially for penny-pinchers like us, but it is worth every dollar. This way, we’re able to explore for miles, with Mom and Dad on foot, and the kids pedaling far ahead. Some years, we’re lucky and find something at a thrift shop. But this year, we didn’t have any luck. So for $35 each at Walmart, we outfitted each kid in a brand new bike. Then we donated them to GoodWill at the end of our stay. (The bikes, not the kids;))

Bottom line? After tax deduction, we spent a total of about $50 for two weeks worth of entertainment. Not a bad deal. And the rental place on the island was $55 per week for ONE bike. Works for me!


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