Feb 04, 2012

My daughter is a freshman in high school and had been considering purchasing an iPad for several months. She was having a hard time getting use of a decent computer during one of her classes this semester, so she took the plunge and purchased an iPad 2 even though we learned the iPad 3 launch is supposed to happen next month.

She knew she wanted the iPad 2 because of some significant upgrades over the original version, and she somewhat laments the fact she’ll not have the potentially awesome 3-D effects of the iPad 3, but that’s what happens when you need something now. We did help her to upgrade to a 32 GB and also added a case which includes a BlueTooth keyboard, so it seems a lot like a laptop when she uses it this way.

She has chosen a few apps that will be very helpful to her work as a high school student:

- a nifty app for studying flashcards from the bottom edge of the iPad, especially when using the fold-up cover.

iBookstore – a way to download and read books. Download the latest best-selling books or your favorite classics.

Flashcardlet - free, easy-to-use studying application with material for any class or standardized test. You can also create and share your own.

iCloud – iCloud stores your music, photos, documents, and more and wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.

And I’ll be asking her to download for me:

TED – Listen to the visionary ideas of some of the most fascinating and accomplished people in the world.

and maybe ancestry.com :) )

What is your favorite education app for high school students?

Other great lists:
Palm Beach Schools.
Technology Software


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