Apr 25, 2010

This past week, my daughter and I had the privilege of attending the Girls Going Places Entrepreneurship Conference, sponsored by Guardian Life Insurance, Foster Klima and Company and the University of St. Thomas. The purpose of the program is to encourage young women to consider business ownership as a method of achieving their career goals – to have economic power without depending upon a corporation — or a man, for that matter.

The day-long workshop in downtown Minneapolis was free to both the girls and the entrepreneur mentors. I served as a mentor because although my primary career is school counselor, I also started Empowering Youth, Inc. nearly 10 years ago, and continue to sell educational products and speak professionally.

hot company

After introductions, we played the board game, “Hot Company” where the girls paired up and pretended to be partners in a new company. They played the game in teams this way and the mentors served as judges for the scenario cards. Very fun game!

We also had a discussion about what economic power is, and the girls had the opportunity to interview several of the women entrepreneurs that participated as mentors in the workshop.

product in a box

After lunch, table-teams of girls completed the project, “Product in a Box”, where they were given a box full of random objects to create a product they would pitch for sale.

Some very creative teams came up with interesting, funny, and sometimes realistic products out of what amounted to a box full of junk:)) I could almost hear the pitch on QVC! Very talented young women!!

product demonstration

The day ended with “Budget Savvy”, a discussion about living expenses and the income required to maintain wants and needs. There were many surprises as girls selected the careers they’re considering, and budgeted that along with the expenses they hope to be able to afford.

The Girls Going Places Conference was a fantastic opportunity for my daughter. I encourage you to look into a similar opportunity near you. Guardian also offers a scholarship program for young female entrepreneurs. For more information, please visit the Girls Going Places website.


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