Aug 11, 2009

It’s our year to host Christmas for my husband’s family, and rather than exchanging gifts, we’ve decided to play a game with “white elephant” gifts and put our cash to better use.

In his letter to family, my husband wrote about a population he serves as principal in his rural Northwestern Wisconsin school district:

I thought about adopting a family for Christmas gifts, but the population I would like us to adopt is so transient that I’m not sure it would work. We have 43 homeless children in our district with two homeless shelters. The problem is that they move in and out all the time so I’m not sure they would still be there after we rounded up gifts. Instead, every day I see the need for winter clothes, so I think that would be the best way to give….. besides they don’t need toys – I do know they need to keep warm.

On a side note: Every year Darla and Craig adopt a boy/girl at a grade level they would like to buy a backpack and school supplies for. Last year, our school put together a total of 20 backpacks with school supplies. Teachers knew we had them and if a family shared their child would not have school supplies, they sent them to the office. All 20 were given away during our open house. If you are looking for a tax write-off – check with your local school district. Better yet just take a school supply list at a grade level and fill a backpack and donate it to your school.

Within a few days, his two sisters – owners of Guestbook Store and Font Diner – sponsored 12 students and delivered this beautiful pile of filled backpacks. They’d spent an afternoon shopping with our young niece and nephew, who loved the idea of helping needy children to get ready for school.

Ask and ye shall receive…

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