Mar 04, 2009


I have always loved reading and have collected shelves-full of books over the past several years. When I moved to a new neighborhood full of kids two years ago, I saw it as an opportunity to start a neighborhood book club. I alphabetized all my books and handed out fliers. I though this would be fun, and could encourage kids to discover great stories, while participating in a weekly “club” of sorts. Now it is a booming weekly neighborhood book club and is helping to fulfill my dream of being a teacher when I grow up.

Almost every Wednesday during the school year, from 4:00-4:30 a group of often 10 or more kids comes over to my house and checks out books. They eat a snack while my friends and I read them story, then they do a craft that’s based on the book. Like, when the book was about leprechauns we made Fruit Loop rainbows. I have led this project from the beginning, but I’ve recruited friends to help share the work.

During the next two months, I’ll share with you what’s worked for me and my BookWorm Wednesday teammates, as we round out year two of this neighborhood project. It takes a lot more than just a love of books!

Wouldn’t you like to host your own book club? I’ll address the following topics in the coming weeks. Continue reading to learn how!
How to Start a Kid’s Book Club series:
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This series of articles is a part of Read Across America, sponsored by NEA and Youth Service America. Darla — named one of the 2009 Youth Leaders for Literacy — is sponsoring this campaign to help other youth start book clubs in their neighborhoods. Please come back next week for the continuation of this series, which will end the last week in April, in conjunction with Global Youth Service Day.

For more great ideas, please visit We are THAT Family.


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