Mar 10, 2008

When my son’s third-grade classroom did the Flat Stanley project (create a little person out of paper and send him on an adventure through the mail), I wondered who we should send him to. We’re fortunate that we have friends and family all over the globe, but we only had a month for him to complete his adventures.

We decided to first ask my brother who lives near London and works for the Department of Defense as a teacher. The email conversation went something like this:

Me: We’re doing a Flat Stanley project. Any chance you could show Stanley the sites around London?

Mike: Sure! We’d love to. Oh, and we’re meeting up with Lisa in Seville next weekend. Maybe we can take him along with.

Whereby I envy cardstock.

Anyway, Mike and his wife took Flat Stanley on a whirlwind tour of their town, and did, indeed take him to Seville for the weekend (typed with a Thurston Howell III accent.) They went all out and made sure to include Flat Stanley in all their excursions, including a traditional Spanish breakfast, and a visit to Christopher Columbus’ tomb.

Mike sent Flat Stanley home with a postcard and coins from Europe, so Craig was able to share it all with his classmates. What a fun journey for everyone involved.

Uncles ROCK!

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