Oct 21, 2007

Some bloggers are able to change their blog’s look twice a year, or every season. Some even turn pink to call attention to Breast Cancer Awareness month.

But equipped with nonexistent sub-par coding skills and no time to improve them, I’ve found myself overdue for a change. You’ve continued looking at a mid-summer dock-jumper in my header, whether or not I was viewing eight-foot-high snowdrifts out my window.

The incomparable Lisa Sabin-Wilson, at eWebscapes, has given me a new look. You’ll notice a narrower header, with a distinctly “girl” subject, a new tagline that I think captures the pulse of my blog, three columns, and more gizmos than I’ll figure out in a year. Right now, I’m liking the “Share this” link below each post that allows readers to add them to Stumble and other social networking sites, as well as the widget that allows me to drag and drop all the stuff in my sidebars. Very cool.

Lisa wrote the book on WordPress. Literally. Her book, WordPress for Dummies, will be released next month. Needless to say, I’m happy to be on her client list.

So take a look around, and let me know what you think. I asked Lisa to keep most of the design elements the same, because I thought she did such a fantastic job the first time, but I’d love your input on usability and appearance. Thanks!

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