Sep 24, 2007

There are times in a parent’s life, when all she can do is sit back and watch her kids become who they’re destined to be.This has happened to me since moving to our new neighborhood. D’s truly found her stride. During the month before we moved (the painteverywallinthehouse phase) and while I was still coming to the realization of all the important stuff we didn’t have yet (internet, mailbox, bed), D consistently focused on the preparation for her neighborhood project — “Bookworm Wednesday.”

She sounds like the child of a blogger, doesn’t she?

Her vision was to make use of her shelves-full of books, to check out to neighborhood children weekly, and then read a book aloud while they were here. This would encourage kids to read and discover great stories, while participating in a weekly “club” of sorts.

While I loved the idea and was Popeye-heart-pumping proud of her for coming up with it, I’ve had a very hard time being of any assistance, since we’ve barely moved, began attending a new school, and started a new job.

One foot in front of the other. That’s about the extent of my focus these days.

But my lack of involvement didn’t deter her. She asked for startup money to purchase incentive items for the kids who were reading books, and I told her to write a grant proposal and that Empowering Youth would consider sponsoring her project. Here was her proposal:

August 6, 2007

Dear Kelly Curtis,
I would like to request a grant in the amount of $23.00 from Empowering Youth for “Book Worm Wednesday.” This will be used to purchase rewards such as (whatever Kara and I get). Check out and return will be weekly for ages 7-12, and monthly for ages 4-6. We have books in stock ready for use. We now need something for youth as a reward after reading a book to encourage young people to read more. I appreciate your consideration of this grant proposal.



Well, she got the grant, and has now completed three Bookworm Wednesdays, with approximately ten children in attendance each week. She’s recruited two assistants, and they all work together to manage the program, recruit attendees, check out books, and walk younger children home.

I can’t describe my satisfaction as I sit at my computer, with the activities of Bookworm Wednesday buzzing behind me in the “library”. Nor can I possibly explain the rush I feel as I witness the small mob of children running down our street as I pull into the drive.

Must be Bookworm Wednesday.

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