Jan 25, 2007

When I announced the great news about my book deal, many asked about the subject, but I’m just now getting around to giving you the details!

And I need your help.
It’s a non-fiction book about youth empowerment. I’m looking for stories and examples of exceptional young people who are resources in their communities (leadership roles, community service, etc.) I’m also looking for the adults who empower these youth.

I’d love it if YOU would share any stories you’ve heard in your hometowns, or in the blogosphere, about young people doing great things, as well as the adults that support them.

Better yet, would you ask your readers to respond as well??

The more eyes out there looking for empowered youth and the adults who support them, the better.

Part of the book will be in the same vein as Pass the Torch Tuesday, but geared more toward pre-teens and teens, as well as the adults that create that empowering environment.

If you’ve heard a story, or read a newspaper article in your hometown, I’d love to hear about it!

Please email me at EY (at) empowering (dash) youth (dot) com.

Thanks for your help!!


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