Jan 02, 2006

Here is the unedited story Deena (age 9) presented to me today as a gift. I didn’t assign this story, and had no part in it’s creation. Except for the characters, I suppose;)

It is a true account of an event that happened yesterday in our sometimes strange home. I’m sharing this because I’m amazed at how her interest in writing has mushroomed since beginning our experiment. I’ve moved her daily journal to a different page on this blog, and if you’ve commented there, thank you! (Several of you commented on the old page, but I had to move it for blognical reasons. If I can figure out how to move the old comments, I will.)

The Adventures of D and C
by D

Clomp, clomp, clomp! D and C just finished home schooling and were racing across the deck. It was a warm fall day, with the wind whistling through the grass, a breeze from the water and squirrels racing around getting last-minute food for winter. C wanted to finish a game of soccer that had started earlier. It wasn’t really a game of soccer, it was more like ‘beat each other up till you get the ball’ and that was the real game they wanted to finish.

“Where is the soccer ball?” C asked D.

“I don’t know. It is yours,” D answered and shrugged their shoulders.

“Well, the last time I used it was this morning, when you pushed me out the door,” He looked at D, smiling. “Whatever,” said D, rolling her eyes. “After you pushed me out the door, I landed on my back and the ball went rolling that way,” he explained, pointing towards the other end of the deck. We went to the end of the deck he was pointing to, walked down the three steps and looked around.

“This end of the deck had a view of the lake. I wonder…” D said, heading towards the steep hill to the lake. She looked down, with C right behind her. There was the ball, up against the aluminum boat lift. Deena raced down the steps to the lake, while C slid down the hill. At the bottom, C beat D to it. D raced up the steps and he raced up the hill with a ball in his arm. She beat him up the steps. She waited at the top. When he got there, she took the ball away and threw it down the hill to the lift again.

C raced down the hill again but this time, D stayed at the top. C got the ball and heaved himself up, more slowly this time. When he got to the top, he laid on top of the ball. D did not give up. She pulled him off the ball and threw it down against the lift.

While C was making his way down the hill, D called, “Don’t get your pants dirty!” Know, this was a real joke because his pants were already stained green. D laughed as he came up, again. This time they really had to try to get/keep the ball.

D finally got the ball and threw it messily down the hill… and into the water!! Their mouths dropped. They raced down the hill but it was to for out to reach.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” D said, as they searched for long sticks. D found some longish sticks as they were looking around their fort in the big group of trees.

C took the long metal pipe used as a window sill and walked over to the place where the ball was only a few feet away. It wasn’t long enough. He took off his shoes and tested the water. It was freezing. Deena did the same. They pulled up their pants and went ankle-high in the cold water. It took a while but finally, with good teamwork and a metal pipe, they got the ball. They then got out of the water.

“I would believe you if you said that I’m walking on ice cubes!” D remarked. They put on their shoes and decided they wouldn’t tell mom about their adventure.

When they got inside they said at the same time, “BATH TIME!” But really, they just wanted to be in the warm water. C then ran to his room to get on new jeans because the last ones were soaked and when every one was settled, mom asked, “What have you been doing?”

D and C looked at each other, laughed, and said, “We can’t tell you,” “Why?” mom asked, trying to get something out of them. But instead they said, “We can’t tell you that either,” and laughed.



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